Co-Founder of HotYoganic40 – I first completed my 200hr Ashtanga and vinyasa teacher training in India 2015 and have since gone on to complete Yin yoga, advanced inversions, advanced anatomy and yoga therapy modules. However I am always continuing to learn from my students as I believe we are all teachers. My classes vary from creative, stimulating flows to restoring and releasing Yin elements.

When I first started practicing yoga many years ago I realised that it is so much more than just a physical practice, it changed me for the better, it made me vibrate higher and it has helped me deal with so many obstacles life has thrown at me. That’s Why I like to continue to share the true essence of yoga and tie all my classes together with traditional Indian philosophy and wisdom in the hope that it could also help someone else like it helped me and give them the peaceful mindset and tools they need to face life’s challenges.

Em is an ashtanga, vinyasa and yin yoga teacher and practitioner. With a background as a professional dancer she has a passion for creative movement in the body which is seen throughout her classes. Her teaching style combines strength building with fluid movement and a “just have fun and move your body” attitude. Open to all levels from beginners to advanced yogis because if you have a body you can do yoga!

I started practising yoga at Hot Yoganic just over 3 years ago when I had problems with my sinuses and pretty bad insomnia. I had been running my kitchen my bedroom company since 2012 and this was the perfect antidote to the constant thinking, cyclical days and stress I inevitably encountered. Very quickly I saw the benefits and after avoiding surgery on my sinuses completely I realised the power of a regular yoga practice and began to practice daily. Over the following 12 months I moved further away from dis-ease and into ease so then decided to complete my Yin Yoga teacher training at HY in 2016. I then went on to do my 200hrs Vinyasa and Ashtanga teacher training at Sampoorna yoga School, India in April of 2018.

My Yin yoga classes are always designed to be very relaxing and informative with a strong emphasis on yogic philosophy or related subjects. You will leave feeling rested and inspired.

Hot Yoganic is the place where I started yoga, it’s the place I first qualified as a teacher and I am now delighted to be the joining their list of regular teachers.

I have been embodying movement in all aspects since very young, in 2010 I started to become a devoted yoga practitioner and during 2014 completed my 200 hours YTT. Since then I have made sure to implement my experiences in movement and mindfulness into my practice and classes.

Teaching all over the world I brought my classes to various UK Military establishments over the course of 4 years working with rehabilitating personnel and spent a year in Bali teaching Yoga and Dance whilst being mentored by Madeira Segung and his movement community.

Yoga touched my heart and became my passion just over 3 years ago… back in 2016 I decided to go to India where I could improve my practice and become a qualified yoga instructor….I trained at Vinyasa Yoga School in Rishikesh, also know as the Yoga capital of the world.

I love teaching vinyasa but also hatha and gentle & restorative flows, always focusing on strength of breath & the relationship between the mind & body.

My classes vary in their range of difficulty & variations for a different levels are always offered.

I believe Yoga is the key to a healthier & happier life and I always encourage everyone to practice, be patient & believe in themselves.

I have been practicing yoga for ten years, at times for my mental health, at times for the physical benefits and at times, very inconsistently! Injuries and a stressful job led me to finally commit to a consistent practice and I soon found that yoga benefited every area of my life, from work to fitness to relationships. My journey led me to India where I completed my 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training. Since then, I have enhanced my teaching by also gaining qualifications in Yin, Teen and SUP Yoga and I continue to study and develop as I strive to make yoga accessible for every body.My classes build mental and physical strength and encourage you to play and explore through movement. I accommodate for all abilities, offering both extra challenge and support throughout, and strive to bring elements of yoga philosophy into each class. After attending Hot Yoganic as a student for so long, I am so excited to now be a part of the teaching team!

My yoga journey began in 2012 when I was studying at Manchester university. Also being a young mum yoga allowed me to take time out for myself bringing inner peace and strength.

In 2016 I travelled to India to complete my 200 hour Yoga teacher training in Ashtanga and Vinyasa at Sampoorna Yoga Goa, since then I have also completed Pregnancy Yoga training in Cambridge and a Mother and Baby yoga course in Manchester.

Yoga is a huge part of my life not just the physical but also the mental and spiritual practices. I love sharing the teachings of yoga with students and teachers.

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