HotYoganic is geared towards our service members; we believe that yoga can enhance physical fitness and improve overall well being which translates into a better quality of life. We offer discount yoga classes to armed forces and we provide a qualified yoga instructor, yoga mats and additional equipment.

Although here at HotYoganic we believe ‘if you can breath you can do yoga’ it is vitally important to check with your GP if your suffering from any form of health issues that hot yoga is a suitable choice for you!

We now offer armed forces (current and former) discount.

We would like to extend the discount to our military/armed forces personnel currently serving or former serving as a way of thanking them for the brave job that they do and helping them in any rehabilitation in terms of stress or physical harm they may of endured during there time.

The discount is as follows. must bring proof of i.d. -1st class half price -DROP IN £8 free use of mat and towel -Intro offer £20 for 20 days -20% discount off any block bookings or unlimited monthly deals (not including offers already running at the time)

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