We have recently just updated our juice bar menu and given it a complete makeover. we have kept a couple of old favourites such as ‘The sampoorna smoothie and The green warrior’ but everything else is new and fresh for the yea ahead. Please pop in before or after your practice and take a look of what we have to offer.

Why not try a pre work out natural energy boosting shot of lemon and ginger or a apple,orange,carrot and ginger juice to really get the energy flowing. Or maybe its a juice your looking for to rehydrate post practice, we’ve got that covered to. Try one of our strawberry+watermelon smoothies or a banana+coconut water shake to really quench that first and put them minerals back into your body.

What ever it is your looking for I’m sure you will find it in our HOT YOGANIC JUICE BAR so please pop in and check it out. Remember you can order juices before your practice so that there ready and waiting for when you have finished. Namaste

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