As you maybe aware we will be reducing our timetable throughout the last 3 weeks in December starting 12/12/16 due to it being the festive period making this the quietest time of the year in the studio. We will have a temporary timetable throughout this time until all goes back to normal in January. This change will most likely consist of there being 1 DAY CLASS and 1 NIGHT CLASS.

We are giving you notice now as well as over the next few weeks so you are fully aware of this temporary change.
Prior to this we are carrying out a trial run starting on 16/11/16 in which we will be implementing a WARM YIN YOGA class with Zoe on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm in studio 2 for 60mins. The 6.30pm VINYASA CLASS will still run as normal in studio 1. Another change we will be making is that we will only be having the 1 60MIN CLASS on a THURSDAY NIGHT at 6.30pm from this date. This is all on trial until the end of the year.


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